Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prep & purge continues

Well we are still purging. We have been fortunate to sell some things on Craigslist.

It is always interesting to get rid of things you've been hanging on to for many years. I had this armoire/wardrobe since my teens. I remembering coming home from school one day and finding it in my room; my Dad had bought it for me as I had no closet in my room. It wasn't any fancy piece of furniture by any means. But after lugging it to several provinces and abodes, it has slot of memories attached.
A similiar story goes with my futon bed and frame which I finished myself. So it was with mixed feelings that we dropped off my armoire to a sweet Quebec girl and my bed was picked up by a mixed heritage couple who were going to use it for the wife's parents. (meeting these people makes me wonder about their stories and how my stuff will fit in with their lives.....)
Mixed feelings because at the same time it feels great to be purging. I feel that there is this invisible burden/load of stuff that is slowly disipitating. It will be great to have less stuff.

Things are becoming more real for Iqaluit as we now sleep on an inflatable bed among a scattering of remains of our former apartment.
4 weeks until we are there.

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