Sunday, November 8, 2009

Journey to Iqaluit

Sorry folks we haven't written much of late. We have been busy adapting, experiencing, settling in and coping, but more on that later :-)First, we thought we would attempt to give you a sense of our journey here in pictures. It was an amazing journey with (I can't believe I am saying this) Air Canada providing outstanding service to us. Kudos go to John and Brian at the special baggage counter in Vancouver and Sonja in Toronto. Also to the First Air people in Ottawa. All made the process of dealing with 17 pieces!! of baggage fairly pain free; we felt obscene at times for the amount of stuff but we kept telling ourselves we were going for 5 months not one.

How do you pack up an apartment? With a lot of
work and stress.

It is important to balance
all of that with moments of
luxury and serenity after all is said and done.
Our treat to ourselves at the hotel at the Vancouver Airport
the night before we are to leave. Love the bathrobes.
But Marla do you see your pillow here?
(more on that later :-) )

At last!!! On
the first leg
of the journey, Toronto!

Bye for now Vancouver.
You will be in our
hearts and thoughts.

Air Canada does an onboard
Red Light District!!

17 pieces make the 1st leg unscathed!!!

2nd Leg of Journey!!
Stopover visiting Harper.
Thanks to Ron & Lore again
for the 2nd moment of
luxury & serenity that launched us on to this leg.

No turning back now.
Last leg!!

Not Oz but 1st glimpses
of Iqaluit!

So that's the terminal but where
is the requisite Starbucks!!

Our new Home (for Linda)!!

More to come.
Marla & Peter


anise said...

Hey was 'day one' at work? Or did you start yet? I should have mailed you a poppy for tomorrow :-) Marla - is your cute, blue jacket warm enough? Peter - where's the photo of the toque Cath sent you off with? I guess you are not missing the rain! Chance of flurries this wknd here, can you believe it? Yes, I do see your own forecast there! I'm looking forward to hear of your highs/lows as you explore the north. 17 bags?? haha

hjebson said...

great to hear that you arrived safely. Did someone turn on the lights when you arrived or is that sunshine !!
Miss you guys


Cathy said...

Hello strangers!
Remember me? :)
Wishing you my very best during your adventure.