Sunday, November 1, 2009

So before I dive into describing our journey to Iqaluit, I want to send out a bunch of kudos and good karma to those people who launched us on this journey.

Prior to us leaving Vancouver and on the last day at VGH, the crew on the Spine Unit at VGH sent us off in style at the Cascade Room on Main. Marla and I were overwhelmed and speechless with the outpouring of good will and good vibes from all of those that attended. We cannot begin to tell you how touched we were and how good a time we had. I hope everyone else had as good a time as we had.

Much beverages were consumed and special mention goes out to Lori for the Flaming Lamborghini; Marla and I obviously don’t get out much and definitely were babes when Lori twisted our arms on this one. Kudos to Eric and Mike, I think, for their additions to our altered states that night and the next day.

I apologize if we didn’t get around to schmoozing with everyone, we were beside ourselves. We only reserved a space for 10!! Your presence was appreciated beyond words.

I would also like to thank the OT’s on the Neuro Team (this includes Spine OTs) again for their ‘gift’ as I used it that evening to purchase a new mountaineering stove. I will take pictures hopefully when we camp out this winter.

And thanks again go out to Bal for the spiciness that she has sent with us. It will be much savoured.

A special mention goes out to my good friend, Gary, whom I have known for over 24 years. I speak of him hear only to highlight the fact that when one begins a journey to far flung places one inevitably leaves behind people and relationships that they cherish. It is part of the journey. Gary you will be with me in heart and spirit.

Lastly, thank you wholeheartedly to Marla’s parents, Ron and Lore, for their unbounded hospitality in Toronto and for allowing us to sleep for 12+ hours on our first day there. The respite helped us prepare for the final leg of our journey to Iqaluit.

Stay tuned. Keep an ‘ear’ out on Twitter by looking for me at Zenroq and for Marla at MarlaBird.



What else can I mention that Peter hasn’t already touched on??

It’s definitely been a whirlwind and it has become quite obvious that we couldn’t have made this journey without the support and encouragement of our friends and family.

A special note here to my very, very good friend Jeannette. We weren’t able to meet up before we left, but you will definitely be missed. You are a big part of the reason I ‘made it’ in BC. Who else could I talk to about physio and about life when I first made the big move from Winnipeg to Kelowan and then to Vancouver. Your spirit, energy, realism and openness are amazing. I look forward to skyping with you and to more adventures ahead for both of us!

Thank you to my dear Spine colleagues, not only for the gift, but for the support and enthusiasm you all showed while we prepared for our journey. Cath – the toques are great and we will post some pictures of us wearing them ‘out and about’ as soon as we can. Sandy – we’re going to hold you to the promise of spicy care packages!

Lastly to my family who, as Peter said, welcomed us for a quick visit and let us recharge mid-trek. It meant a lot to spend some time with you before heading up on this new adventure!

More about the actual adventure once we touch down….


Nancy said...

Wow, what a journey you have had and now a whole new adventure lies before you. Wishing you the best of luck in your new home, job, town... Thinking of you! Nancy Buckner

Bal said...

Oh Peter and Marla I miss you guys but hope this new adventure is as wonderful as you guys are. As for the spicy tandoori once you guys are settle in give me your address and more will be sent. thanks for the update it feels like you guys are still here.